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By Lampel Constantino

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual personal assistant or virtual assistant (VPA or VA) takes on all tasks for his client   or customers and provides professional services, support, and skills to busy business managers and entrepreneurs through the internet and usually they work from their home office.

Starting a virtual assistant business is a good way to work with people and stay in the comfort of your own home. It can be an easy business to start. The startup costs are relatively low and the profit potential is very high. If you have enough knowledge in business, a computer and skills on the Internet you can become a virtual assistant, almost overnight.

What Do You Need

Office Equipment

Most virtual assistants work from their home and perform general work or specialize in different areas, such as marketing, graphic design, computer support, Web development, and translation services. The required equipment is not very different from that used by a person working in an office. A computer with high-speed Internet access, a cell phone, fax, scanner and the ability to send emails and instant messaging to customers is essential. You can design your office The way you want it to. Since you are working virtually, no one will need to go to your office and look at your work, eliminating the need to have room for clients or a desk, if you decide.


Marketing Plan

To become successful in this field you need to investigate other similar services and determine what they offer. Make a list of the types of service you could offer and do a market analysis. Knowing where your customers are and determining how best to reach them is a very important step before you start marketing your services. You can design a website, a blog and use them to attract customers. You can also develop social media profiles to spread services to potential clients on the Internet and other media. Start by marketing your services locally joining to chambers of commerce, offering classes, or developing workshops related to the services that a virtual assistant offers. Write articles, blog entries and sales letters explaining what a virtual assistant is and how to make use of your services.

Personal Skills

A virtual assistant needs to be energetic, dedicated, focused and able to carry out multiple projects at the same time. Since you’re working with someone or with people you have to accommodate your schedule. Although you are your own boss, you will not always be able to decide on your time and working hours. Discipline is of vital importance, you need to devote yourself completely to your business. A virtual assistant often becomes more than a secretary at home, helping businesses. The ability to create and cultivate a relationship with clients, business owners and organization is very crucial to your career.

Business Skills

 1.Must have a superior ability to communicate effectively


As a Virtual Assistant, you will be the voice and sometimes even the face of many of your clients. You will have to call, write and talk face to face with partners, people of importance, customers, etc… You will interact constantly with these and other people to organize meetings, set schedules, schedule appointments and transmit messages to your client.

Therefore, it is important that your communication skills are much more than “acceptable” otherwise you will give a very unprofessional image that can get to dye the reputation of your client.

  1. You must know how to move around the digital world

You should have a solid foundation that allows you to navigate the internet properly, for instance, find solutions to problems that may arise at a given time and understand the basic maintenance of computer or software you are using for your work.


  1. Develop a system to organize your work

With your clients relying on you every time, you should make sure that you remember every vital detail. A way to do this is to have a system that will work for you. Write everything down whether it is a plan, notes or ideas. This way you can track or double check your work from time to time. Being organize have an impact on your work and how you will become more productive.

4. You must have patience!

Dealing with the customer is usually one of the most grateful aspects of our work, but it is challenging as well. You might receive calls from demanding clients, Perhaps pushing you to finish a job right away due to the stress of trying to meet business deadlines or sometimes they blame you because something went wrong about their project or business. The thing you can do is to keep your cool, understand and help your client. Help them become at ease and assure them that you are doing your job properly.

The internet is not just another marketing channel for businesses to evolve in a virtual world, it also increases opportunities for people to work online or virtually using modern technologies. The profession as a virtual assistant is fulfilling and has many advantages. Not only you have the chance   to meet and work with different clients around the world, but this job also gives you the possibility to learn new skills and familiarize yourself with new tasks that have previously been unknown to you and you can agreeably expand your strengths in a certain field.

November 20, 2018- Online Business/Online Jobs/Virtual Assistance Services


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